Welcome to the Adventurers Club of Chicago

Since 1911, our private club which is open to new members of similar interests, has been providing a hearth and home for those who have left the beaten path and made for adventure.

As you can see from the portraits to the right of some of our members both past and present, we have had the privilege to be associated with some of the world?s greatest adventurers and explorers.

From Presidents to academics to scientists, explorers, military officers, treasure hunters, museum curators and seekers of adventure for the sake of adventure, The Adventurers Club was created for those few individuals that in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson "Do not go where the path may lead, (but) go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

For infomation on membership please contact membership@theadventurersclub.com

Who is an Adventurer?

Membership in The Adventurers Club is open to men and women whose  activities the club considers adventuresome! In an attempt to put perspective on on what we consider "adventurous" we have prepared this fairly extensive, but certainly not complete, list of activities that are enjoyed by our current  members:

Racing (boat, plane, car, horse, etc.), rock and ice Climbing, mountaineering, travel to remote areas of the world not readily accessible by guided tour, hunting and fishing, remote photography, white water rafting, extended stay in remote areas (Peace Corps, wildlife experts,  ex-military), extended balloon or glider trips, sailboating, skydiving, hang-gliding and kite surfing, SCUBA in remote areas or great depths, environmental testing, space exploration, test pilots, ultra-light pilots, survival gear field testing, treasure hunters spelunkers, astronomers, astronauts (we take cosmonauts these days as well), extreme sports enthusiasts, base jumping, adventure racing,  mountain Biking, orienteering, archaeologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, zoologists, extreme skiing, snowboarding.

This list is certainly not complete and prospective members with new approaches to adventure are encouraged to apply. People with an adventurous  spirit who have not yet, but plan to (within 2-years) accomplish a challenging adventure may also apply. Membership is never granted automatically... but, only after careful consideration by the membership committee and the Board of Directors. When it comes to the sort of adventures that are enjoyed by our  membership, two phrases come to mind:

"There is so much more to life if you ignore the rules and take  chances"
and "Try not! Do or do not... there is no TRY"